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Colonial Arms 198-212-705 Screw-In Choke Tube

Colonial Arms 198-212-705 Screw-In Choke Tube

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''''Invisible'''' Replacement Tubes For Popular Screw-In Choke Systems


Beautifully made tubes with an extremely smooth inside finish and an undercut, tube-to-barrel joint to minimize shot and wad fouling buildup. Both Win-Choke® and Tru-Choke™ tubes are "invisible" style, no unsightly "knob" sticks out. And, they can't rust; they are stainless steel. Install/remove with a quarter. WARNING: FOR USE WITH LEAD SHOT ONLY. Mfg: Colonial Arms SPECS: Approximately 1-1/2" (3.8cm) long. Stainless steel. Threads are as follows - Win-Choke® Invisible 12 ga. are .812"-32 tpi, 20 ga. are .687"-32 tpi; Rem™ Choke Long Invisible 12 ga. are .812"-32 tpi; Tru-Choke™-style Tru-Tube 10 ga. are .865"-44, 12 ga.

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