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Herters 464-101-000 Stock Filler

Herters 464-101-000 Stock Filler

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The Original Formula, Fills & Stains, Protects


A combination of the finest oils, ultra-fine stock filler and the traditional Herter's stains bring out the warmth and hidden beauty of any gunstock. Quickly fills the pores and seals the wood with natural oils and preservatives. French Red - a rich walnut color with just a hint of red; closely matches pre-'64 Winchesters and older Brownings. Walnut - a vivid, rich brown enhances real walnut and darkens lighter hardwoods. Clear - no stains included, intended to enrichen and enhance the grain on birdseye maple, myrtle or other fancy-grained, light-colored woods. Mfg: Herters SPECS: Oil base filler and stain. 16 fl. oz. (473 ml), 8 fl. oz. (237 ml).

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