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  1. Ar-15/M16 L5 Magazine Coupler - Magazine Cinch
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    Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong, reinforced polymer-and-steel clamping system joins a second AR-15/M16 30-round magazine to the one in the gun, so you have an immediate reload at your fingertips. Designed to fit the ridges molded into the Lancer L5 magazine for a non-slip installations, the cinch will also fit USGI-contour aluminum and steel magazines from other manufacturers. Includes protective aluminum spacers that prevent overtightening the clamping screws on L5 magazines. Mfg: Lancer Systems SPECS: Reinforced, injection-molded polymer, black. Steel and aluminum hardware, black. Fits 30-roundd Lancer L5 and USGI-contour AR-15/M16/M4 magazines and clones. Instructions included.
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