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Armasight 100-016-605 Spark-G Goggles

Armasight 100-016-605 Spark-G Goggles

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Armasight Spark-G night vision goggles is a night vision goggle systems built around CORE (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) image intensifier tube. Unlike Gen 1 Image intensifier tubes, which are fragile because they are made from glass, CORE IITs are made just like Gen 2 and Gen 3 - by fusing metal alloys with ceramic compounds. CORE technology is based on durable elements and allows tight component stacking, resulting in image tubes that are exceptionally shockproof and vibration-resistant. Robust packaging protects easy-to-break protrusions common in Gen 1 tubes, and allows for a streamlined design that is lighter, more compact, and more reliable than average night vision devices. Th Mfg: Armasight

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