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Mec Reloading 600 Slugger Single Stage Shotshell Press

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  1. Mec 600 Slugger Single Stage Shotshell Press - Mec 600 Slugger 12 Gauge Press
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    The MEC 600 Slugger is the most efficient way to reload rifled or sabot slugs on the market today. The machine is self-inclusive so no need for a vice, drill press, hand drill, or spinners. The MEC 600 Slugger is based off of our number one selling shotshell reloader in the world the MEC 600 Jr Mark V. Seasoned gunners will like the features provided by the MEC 600 Slugger. The MEC 600 Slugger folds the plastic into the shell to look like a roll crimp when the shell is finished with the use of MEC’s special dies. This single stage loader provides a quick and simple way to reload your hunting and home defense rounds with the ease of pulling a handle. The 600 Slugger can load between Mfg: Mec Reloading
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