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Viridian Reactor 5 Green Weapon Lasers

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  1. Reactor 5 Green Weapon Lasers - Glock® 42 Reactor 5 Green Laser With Hybrid Holster
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    The Viridian Reactor 5 is the industries most advanced green laser sight, in the world's smallest frame, specifically designed for concealed carry pistols. The R5 laser is up to 50 times brighter than conventional red lasers. The R5 comes with the ECR Instant-On hybrid holster. Strong glass reinforeced nylon shell and comfortable leather combine to make this an exceptional outside-the-waistband belot holster. ECR Instan-On feature shuts the laser off while holstered and ignites the laser immediately when drawn, without fumbling with buttons, sliders or unfamiliar grips. Mfg: Viridian
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