Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Helps You Do Basic Repairs

The 24 tools (plus 6 additional screwdriver bits) in this Kit are among the ones you will find on the work bench of practically all professional gunsmiths. When we chose each one individually, we walked the aisles of our stock room many times, repeatedly handling each of the vast variety of gunsmithing tools we carry. We had two thoughts in mind as we evaluated each tool: (1) If I were advising a good friend starting to work on guns, is this a tool he should have; and, (2) If I were assembling a compact, economical and basic service tool kit for myself, is this one of the tools I would start with. If the tool met both of these basic requirements, it is in the Kit.

We feel that with the tools in this Kit you can confidently tackle the basic service, cleaning and repair jobs on practically any gun brought to you. The only exceptions would be where special tools are required for specific and complex, advanced procedures. For those jobs you can prepare yourself as you progress. But, this is the Kit you should start with.

The Basic Gunsmithing Kit contains the following tools: No. 100 Parallel Pliers; 1" Nylon/Brass Hammer; No. 81 MAGNA-TIP® Screwdriver; Screwdriver Bits Nos. 1 - 2 - 6 - 00 - 10 - 20 and 30; Two sizes Instrument Screwdrivers; Main Spring Vise; MF134 India Stone; M-16 Brush; 1/8" x 6" Pin Punch; 5/32" x 6" Pin Punch; 1/16" Starter Punch; 3/32" Starter Punch; Brownells Replacement Pin-Punch Set; 2" Replacement Punch Assortment; Nylon/Brass Drift Pin Punch Set; Gunsmith Bench Knife; 8" No. 2 Cut Hand File; Sight Base File; 4-in-1 Hand Rasp; Scribe-Hook; No. 1033 6" Chain Nose Pliers; No. 91 Allen Wrench Set; Screw Check'r and Kit Box.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:422
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