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Just the Tips...for Creating a Custom Surface Textures on Your Polymer-Frame Guns

Stippling has become a popular way for shooters to alter the exterior surfaces of polymer pistol, and even rifle frames, to suit their needs. Folks have used soldering irons and wood-burning tools, but by far the best way is to use the Oregon Trail Defense stippling tool (#100-022-980).

While the ORT tool comes with a several interchangeable tips for producing different textures, the way to get EXACTLY the pattern and depth of texture you want is to have this Deluxe Stippling Tip Kit. Each of these tips screws onto the end of the stippling tool to enable you to create a custom texture that looks - and feels - like none other.

The 12 stippling tips in the Deluxe Kit are:

  • 20 lpi square tip
  • 20 lpi finish tip 12 lpi Waffle tip
  • Wagon Wheel tip
  • Diamond tip
  • Square tip
  • X-pattern tip
  • Small round tip
  • Large round tip
  • Point tip
  • 16 lpi Waffle tip
  • 20 lpi Waffle tip

These stippling tips are made of heat-conducting brass and come packed in a handy hard-polymer storage box included.

Using any one of the tips in Deluxe Stippling Kit from Oregon Trail Defense - or a combination of multiple tips - will enable you to produce the perfect non-slip surface texture for your polymer-frame rifle or pistol.


Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:461
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