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While traditional tools are hardy and foolproof, sometimes it's just easier to have a digital readout to tell you exactly what your measurement is, plain and simple. The iGaging EZ Data Micrometer is equipped with a large LCD readout that provides exact measurement data for objects measuring up to an inch in diameter.

The unit offers an accuracy capability down to 0.0015 of an inch, and users can select between inch and millimeter measurements. For even easier data-recording, the mic is equipped with a connection port, so users can output their data straight to a computer instantaneously.

To ensure accuracy and precision, the measuring surfaces are carbide-treated, and the entire unit is rated IP54 water- and dust-resistant. Each micrometer is inspected personally at the factory and leaves with a carrying case and certificate of inspection.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:442


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Accuracy: 0.00015", 0.003mm

Measuring Range: 0-1"

Resolution: 0.0005", 0.001mm