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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks® - December 2011

Removing stuck cases from those AR-15 barrels
-- Lars Larson, Peoria, AZ

With all the foreign ammo for the AR available there is some that have that lacquer coating. After some rapid firing if a fresh round is left in the chamber it can literally glue itself to the wall of the chamber. When fired the rim of the case is ripped off where the extractor was trying to do its job.

Sometimes a rod can be used from the muzzle to tap the stuck case out as we all know. However, there is always the tough one.

What I do is remove the barrel from the upper receiver, dig out my stuck case remover from the reloading drawer and put it to work. You may need to use a longer 1/4X20 socket head screw, but that is it. Before you remove the barrel a little penetrating oil down the bore to reach the case for good measure sure wouldn’t hurt either.


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