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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks® - February 2012

Protect Your Trigger Guard Mounting "Ears"
-- Shannon Jennings, Coal Creek Armory, Knoxville, TN

We occasionally see AR-15 lowers with one of the trigger guard mounting 'ears' broken off. This usually occurs when a customer decides to change their trigger guard or assemble their own lower. One careless hammer blow or poor roll pin alignment and you've got a broken receiver. Back when the fragile cast lowers were being sold, I started reaming the trigger guard roll pin hole with a 2/0 reamer. A 2/0 reamer is the reamer used for the front sight taper pins. The idea is to ream just large enough that the roll pin can be started into the lower by hand. I ream from both sides the same amount. The pin is plenty tight to hold the guard and it doesn't require to much force to install. A needle file or, with care, a dremel burr could also be used.

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