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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks® - May 2012

Stevens Favorites Broken Extracto/Ejectors
-- Shannon Jennings, Coal Creek Armory, Knoxville, TN

We have had several Stevens Favorites in the shop lately. They sometimes have broken or damaged extractor/ejectors. Reproduction extractors are available for some styles or, if they are just damaged, they can be welded up and refit. The difficulty is always getting the extractor to perfectly fit the chamber. We also had a Favorite come in with a broken receiver that someone had tried to fix. We replaced the receiver and finished destroying the old receiver which is now a tool. The receiver was cut behind the two forward screw holes. The lower hole is for the lever and extractor. The barrel and extractor can now be installed into the receiver stub and the extractor fit with ease. There are four different receivers for the Favorite. The earliest two styles are not encountered often. While the 1915 is wider than the 1894, either style can be used for extractor fitting for the other. So, if you have or can find a damage receiver, you can save some time.


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