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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks - August 2012

Fixing A Split Stock On A Marlin 336
-- Kenneth Patton; KP's Gun Repair of Tuscola, TX

Had a Marlin 336 come in recently that had been used as a club like so many have. The stock was split behind the tang and one of the tenons that fit into the receiver was broken off. Of course the broken piece was missing! While searching for a piece of walnut to make a new tenon from, I spied my assortment of "biscuits" for my plate joiner. (For those who are not cabinet builders, a plate joiner is used to join two pieces of wood with an oval piece of tough plywood, commonly known as a biscuit, set into slots cut into the edges of the pieces to be joined. Much easier and more rugged than using dowels). Anyway, the biscuits are 1/8" thick and amazingly tough. I cut a mortise into the stock with my Dremel so the biscuit would set even with the existing tenon on the other side and set it with Acraglass. After the 'glass set, I finished shaping it so it would slip into the receiver properly. Between the tough plywood used in the biscuit and the ample surface for the Acraglass to bond to, the repair is much stronger than the original walnut was. The biscuit did not take stain but it does not show when assembled.


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