Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Gunsmith Kinks® - Don’t Pull So Hard

Daniel Wyatt Robbins, Mt. Olive MS

Don’t Pull So Hard…
Recently, a customer came in with a Mossberg 500 and said it was awfully hard to pump the action after firing. I tested the gun myself but could find no problem. I took it down and checked the gun over completely and cleaned it thoroughly but still could find no problem. I called the customer back in and had him fire it on my range and sure enough he couldn’t get the slide to pump backwards. I finally figured out that he was pulling back so hard on the forearm that the release was not activating. Once he learned not to pull so hard he had no further problems. I just charged him for a cleaning and he was so pleased not to charge for unneeded repairs that he has become a regular. This problem will also happen with the Rem. 870.

Check the Extractor Pin
If an AR-15 comes into your shop that won’t extract, the chamber is not rough, and the extractor is not damaged but has sufficient tension, check to be sure that the extractor pin has not been bent. I had one come in like this and the bent pin was making the back of the extractor sit higher in the bolt and when the bolt was closed the rear of the extractor was being pushed back down by the bolt carrier. This caused the extractor to pivot out of line with its normal position and ride over the rim of cartridge rather than catch it. I replaced the pin and the gun worked perfectly.