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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks - July 2012

Separating Stuck Cases
-- Dave (The Gun) Smith/Dave's Gunsmithing; Snowflake, AZ

I did it again - and I suspect that others have, too. I mixed small & large (.38, 9mm & .45) cases in the tumbler. Many smaller cases ended up stuck, with polishing media, in the larger cases. Here is a bright idea: instead of deforming the smaller case by extracting it with needle-nose pliers, why not use the kinetic bullet puller - just like pulling bullets?!!!

Some cases will separate using only your fingers. But, if tightly stuck, then the bullet puller works like a charm. Also, I stuff about 1/4 inch of tissue paper down into the bottom of the puller cavity. That way, case mouths or bullets don't impact directly onto hard plastic and (possibly) deform


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