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Brownells Gunsmith Kinks - June 2012

Cold Blue Case-Hardened Parts
-- Randall K. Marx, Oscoda, MI 48750

While trying to get the right color on some case hardened parts from a Ruger Mark II .22lr pistol, Oxpho Blue was giving me fits. I had some Dicropan T-4 and some 44-40 on hand. I decided to try them. Same problem. Streaky and various colors, much like a color case hardened part. In a last-ditch effort, after racking my brain off and on for a couple months (my own gun), I tried Oxpho then wiped on 44-40 while the Oxpho was still wet. BRILLIANT! Beautiful deep dark blue just like I was looking for and could not get with any cold blue product individually. Also, there was no added odors or apparent chemical reaction between the solutions. Being that both were basically combinations of different acids, I did not expect any problems. There were none...only success. Hope someone in the trade can use this information on a similar problem.


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