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  1. Accumold Baton Holders - 7912 Accumold Elite Expandable Baton Holder, 26"
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    Provides comfortable, all-day carry and fast access to a collapsible baton Hole in the back lets you re-holster the baton quickly, without closing it Unique, dual web belt loop fits both 2" and 2¼" duty belts 7312 features AccuMold® trilaminate construction with a Ballistic Weave fabric exterior, high-density closed cell foam core, and a smooth, Coptex™ lining for easy reholstering 7912 features AccuMold® Elite™ with the traditional look and feel of Basket Weave pattern leather, plus excellent scuff- and wear-resistance and easy maintenance     Mfg: Safariland SPECS: Polymer laminate, black, Ballistic Weave or molded-in Basket Weave surface pattern.
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