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  1. Ruger® Mark I/Ii/Iii™ High-Rider Black Max Holster - High-Rider Holster
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    Rugged and lightweight polymer composite holster holds a Ruger® Mark™ series .22 LR pistol with or without optics. Reversible design allows the holster to be worn on the left or right side. Adjustable retention system accommodates almost any version of the Mark series. Fully covered triggerguard for added safety. Slick interior ensures a smooth, fast presentation, and reholstering. Front cut opening provides clearance for optics and lets the barrel clear the holster quickly during the draw, so you can get on target faster. High-Ride model sits right at the hip. Mfg: Tactical Solutions, Llc SPECS: Thermo-molded polymer, black. Fits belts up to 2" wide. Fits Ruger® Mark I™, Mark II™, Mark III 800x600 ™, & 22/45™ .22 LR pistols.
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