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Volquartsen Handgun Parts

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  1. Ruger® Mkiv™ Llv Competition Upper 6" With Sights - Ruger Mkiv Llv Competition Upper
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    Volquartsen's LLV Competition Upper With Sights turns the already superb Ruger® Mark IV™ into an outstanding .22 target handgun. The receiver and barrel shroud are precision machined from a single piece of aluminum alloy to ensure perfect receiver-barrel alignment. The Volquartsen Ruger® Mark IV™ LLV Competition Upper With Sights is fitted with a match-grade, stainless steel barrel that has a honed and lapped bore for superb accuracy potential and easy cleaning. Comes with adjustable "iron" target sights installed or mount an optic on the Picatinny optic rail Contour & weight distribution optimized for comfortable balance in the hand Mfg: Volquartsen
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