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  1. Luxxor Portable Video Camera Kit
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    Luxxor® Portable Camera Portable Video Monitor Video Cables SD Memory Card Tripod AC Power Adaptor Rugged Hawkeye® Pro Carrying Case, PCC Mfg: Gradient Lens
  2. Ammocam Sight-In Edition Target Camera - Ammocam Sight-In Edition
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    Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition allows wireless viewing of your target out to a range of 300 yards. The Bullseye Camera System is a camera that is set up by the target and wirelessly transmits back to your laptop at your shooting location. The shooter’s last shot will flash on the screen no matter how many times the target has been shot. The system works for rifle, pistol, archery, small bore, large bore, and patterning shotguns. The sight-in edition is ideal for shooters sighting in their firearm, target practicing or developing loads. Completely self-contained, the sight-in edition sets up in under a minute and is ready to use. Camera w/Night Vision  Rechargea Mfg: Bullseye Camera Systems, Llc.
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