Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Get Prone with Your AR-15

The Caldwell AR-15 Prone Bipod is designed to be the perfect accessory for shooters who prefer taking shots from a prone position, featuring an optimized height that allows for a solid, level shooting platform.

The Caldwell AR-15 Prone Bipod is built using lightweight aluminum in order to add as little weight as possible to your shooting system, and an anodized black finish prevents wear and tear.

  • Features non-marring, vibration-absorbing rubber feet
  • Attaches to any Picatinny-rail mount
  • Available in both black and desert-tan finishes

The Caldwell AR-15 Prone Bipod also features built-in cant and pivot adjustments, giving shooters added flexibility in taking shots and adjusting to uneven terrain.

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Attachment: Picatinny Mount

Color: Black

Feet Material: Rubber

Style: Pivot

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.