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A Secure Shooting System While Sitting

The Caldwell AR-15 Sitting Bipod gives shooters the ability to secure a solid shooting position with their rifle while aiming in a sitting position, something that most other bipods on the market are incapable of doing.

The Caldwell AR-15 Sitting Bipod features lengthened legs that reach down to solid ground, bringing the gun to a level position in-line with a shooter's shoulder while taking up a traditional sit-down shooting stance.

  • Mounts to any standard Picatinny-rail attachment
  • Constructed from anodized aluminum
  • Internal springs allow for quick deployment
  • Features black finish

The Caldwell AR-15 Sitting Bipod also allows for 20 degrees of panning and 18 degrees of cant, giving AR owners an unprecedented level of flexibility in their shooting setup.

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Color: Black

Feet Material: Rubber

Folding: Yes